Inductees by Year (Kingston Panthers Rugby)

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Class of 2013

John Phelan (Player/Builder)
Matt Dowling (Player/Builder)
Gerry Webster (Player/Builder)
John Clarke (Player/Builder)
Herb Steacy (Player/Builder)
Craig Turner (Player/Builder)

Class of 2014

Steve Jamieson (Player/Builder)

Class of 2016

Brian Osborne (Player/Builder)
Brad Greenwood (Player/Builder)
Allison Avery (Player/Builder)
Andrew Davies (Player/Builder)

Class of 2017

John Edwards (Player/Builder)
Lyndon Jones (Founding Club President)
John Labbett (Player/Builder)
Gordon MacLeod (Player/Builder)
Howard Staveley (Player/Builder)

Class of 2022

Rene H. Doornakamp (Player/Builder)
Denis Aseltine (Player/Builder)
Kathie Thompson (Player/Builder)
Kate Pasic (Player/Builder)
Jocelyn Poirier (Player/Builder)