Dylan Schachter-Tribe, Roster, 2nds Team, Senior Men, 2023 (Kingston Panthers Rugby)

This Team is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
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#11 Dylan Schachter-Tribe
Position(s): Wing
  • Bio
    Club Debut: 2015
    Other Positions: Left Right Out
    Other Team(s) Played For: Queen Elizabeth Collegiate and Vocational Institute Raiders
    Favorite Club Memory: It's 2015. The Boyz™ are low on numbers. As a bit your boy, Schach said he would strap a camera to his head and work double duty. Den took me playing seriously and paid for my registration for a day while on the bus. During that game Den threw me a grenade of a pass and got me lit up. I've been playing (against better judgement) ever since. BUT! That doesn't nearly compare to how whole I feel when I get to take long walks on the beach home with that ra- really nice man Grayson.
    Favorite Movie:
    The Crow